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For you humans, the soul is inconsistent, invisible. You do not succeed in knowing or understanding what it can represent.
We are going to tell you this: Your soul is the sum of all the experiences that you have lived through since you descended into matter. Your soul is that part of energy of life that gives you the possibility, as human beings, to live in a body of matter. It inundates your physical body and it can also concentrate itself in a small part of your body. It can also expand itself in your body of light, your energy body.
The more you solicit your soul, the more you will understand it and the more you will hear it. Your soul is not something that does not exist, your soul is you, just as your Divine part is, except you are in density, you are in matter, and your soul and your Divine Part are located in the non-created, in the energy worlds.
Therefore, the more you try to unite yourself to this other part of yourselves, the more you will elevate the vibratory frequency of your body and the more you will fuse with who you are.
In fact, what you need to ask of your soul as well as your Divine Part is simply to help you, to show you the path of Light that leads to your Divine and to your soul, and tell them:
I am you in manifestation, so therefore, you my Divine Part and you my soul, you who have many more capabilities than I, small human consciousness, help me. Help me in my incarnation and in my experiences. Instead of working separately, let us unite so that the experiences in matter are profitable for all three of us: me as the little human consciousness, you as the soul that will be impregnated with what the part that is invested in matter is going to learn and experiment, and you my Divine Part that is going to receive the essence of all that I, the human part, may have experimented and may have transmitted to my soul who retransmits it to you.”
Instead of seeing yourself as separated, see yourself in unity, see the path of Light or the connecting space in which, more and more, you will find yourself with who you are as a human being, human consciousness, soul and divinity.
Why are we speaking about this? Because once you will be in the dimensions of Light, in the new world that awaits you, there will no longer be any separation; the doorway will be permanently open. You must therefore begin to familiarize yourself with it, to no longer put to one side what belongs to the un-created but which is you and to the other side what belongs to matter and what you see. You must unite them.
You can do this more and more because your vibratory frequency is elevating itself and because your consciousness is awakening and the thick veils that obscured your consciousness have a tendency to remove themselves.
This is important, and we will speak of this again because you must really become aware of your dimension and of your reality. You must become aware of your power, even as a human consciousness, a human being, since your divine part is all powerful and that it can create.
Your human part is not cut in two, its two realities are simply hidden from it, but from the moment when you open the connecting door, all the power that is in you and which dwells in your soul and especially in your divine part can manifest itself by human thought and create miracles within you, notably in relation to health problems in your body of matter.
Every day, for several seconds, ask your divine part to take good care of your body of matter, to regenerate it, to re-harmonize it, to give it all the force and energy that is necessary for its perfect functioning. Tell it that your human part is also a part of it, and that by helping you, it will also benefit.
In addition, during your meditations, connect yourself with the two other parts of yourself. You will see little miracles take place, one after the other in your life. You will be so happy that you will never again have a thought of disharmony in relation to your physical body.
If you visualize the extension of your divinity in density, if you visualize it as perfect, it can only be perfect because within your Divine Self all is perfect.
In your soul all is perfect, but sometimes the impregnation of some difficult experiences lived in density dwell in it. Consider that the soul is the computer. Everything is impregnated in it; afterwards, it synthesizes all of the experiences. When it has sufficiently evolved, and that it has made many, many experiences in matter, it can evacuate itself all that has been suffering, fear, and doubt so as not to be encumbered by inferior energies.
The souls who are beginning their path of evolution are not sufficiently strong. All is impregnated there, the good with the less good, the difficult as well as what is easy, Love as well as fear and suffering. The soul does not distinguish between what it must conserve and what it must transcend. It is little by little through experiences that it begins to understand what it can cleanse, but it is necessary that the human consciousness be in agreement with the soul in order for it to cleanse all of that.
Concerning this subject, we are simply telling you this: some human beings constantly live with their suffering. Suffering being an energy, it is impregnated in the soul. How do you expect the soul to be able to get rid of this or transcend this if it is constantly nourished? Therefore, do not nourish what does not belong to you. Free yourself of everything that is not useful, and project yourself as often as possible towards the world in which you wish to live.
You will see the world in which you wish to live manifest itself more and more in your actual world, that is to say that the more you think of perfect health, the more you think of harmony, of joy, of serenity, of goodness, of fraternity and of Love, the more they will take root in you and the more you will manifest them.
This is how it happens. Your thoughts becoming more and more creative and having more and more importance, will put themselves at the service of what you will be thinking, that is to say that they will restore in your body and in your life what you will have created by thought.”

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